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SecureCheck is a check printing software solution that works with virtually any accounting application to securely print checks on blank stock.

SecureCheck transforms select HP LaserJet printers into secure MICR printers for check issuance. The SecureCheck system delivers next-generation functionality for business check and form issuance that enhances both the security and productivity of your organization’s disbursement process.

SecureCheck is a highly flexible and compatible check printing solution that will work with virtually any accounting application hosted on Windows, UNIX, AS400 or other operating systems to securely print checks on blank stock. Check and form data is intelligently merged with check outlines that are securely stored on hardware at the printer, ensuring that checks can only be printed from a SecureCheck-enabled HP LaserJet printer.

Advanced security features, such as audits, events logs, user permissions, printed security fonts, check watermarks, optional event notifications, and optional positive pay automation, provide an unsurpassed level of internal controls and fraud prevention for your organization. SecureCheck is also loaded with advanced functionality designed to enhance check printing productivity through task automation, greater efficiency, and ease-of-use.

Solving real business needs
A local city government was working with an accounting system that required them to use pre-prints for all their form and check printing. They recently upgraded their accounting package which required a new check printing solution.

The city chose the SecureCheck solution for its ease-of-use, ability to reduce costs and increase pro¬ductivity. The SecureCheck MICR check printing software functions as a one-pass system, adding signa¬tures, printed security features, data and check forms all at one time when checks are printed.

By printing to blank check stock, rather than pre-printed stock, the city was able to increase security while reducing waste and costs associated with pre-printed checks and forms. Additionally, SecureCheck’s unparalleled fraud prevention controls such as user se¬curity permissions, audit capabilities and printed-stub information were key features that led to the decision to implement SecureCheck.

The Treasurer/ Collector for the city found that much of their process has improved with SecureCheck, including a decrease in manual labor. Tasks that previously took two days to complete can now be completed in four hours. The city also found that the secu¬rity features in SecureCheck make it difficult for anyone to falsify a check.

Features & Benefits

Blank Check Stock Usage
  • Eliminate the need to order and securely store pre-prints
Multiple Checking Accounts
  • Print checks for any number of accounts
  • Easily make changes to check forms
Forms Printing
  • Save up to 50-70% on form production
  • Create all internal forms (W-2s, 1099s, etc.) on blank stock
Automated Check-Account, -Printer, and -Tray Selection
  • Eliminate possible human error in account and printer selection
  • Print mixed-account check runs
Automated Check Signing
  • Specify the number of printed signatures based on check amount
Automated Check Sorting
  • Sort based on zip, check number, and/or payee name
Printer Security Hardware
  • Check data is merged with a stored form-graphic overlay at the printer
Event Log
  • Check printing activity is recorded in an event log
  • 11 auditable fields
Printed-Check Security Features
  • Add a security watermark or security font to the face of printed checks
Security Permissions
  • User permissions control system access
Positive Pay Automation Option
  • Automate creation of positive pay files from check issuance data
Event Notifications Option
  • Check printing email notifications to specified recipients (e.g. check printing audit, excessive failed login attempts)
Secure-Image Option
  • Create pdf images of checks as they print
  • Eliminate storage of printed check copies

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